{Posterity Post: Monica Turns 65}

January 2013

Last January, Monica turned 65 while she was in Chile visiting Deanna.  When she got back, we were ready with a big surprise party for her.  Matt and I, along with many of J&M’s good buddies, planned a surprise dinner at our house complete with yummy enchiladas, delicious sides and a delicious cake!  And to ensure that she was totally surprised, we planned it for the evening she returned home from Chile.  No time for sleepin when there is eating and partying to do :)

We still didn’t have much in our formal dining area yet so we had lots of room for a long dinner table for all of us.


Upside down planter, that works :)



The cake topper from our wedding cake and a beautiful blue cake stand from Daicia.


A seat and hat for the birthday girl!


I had a new cake recipe that I had been dying to try and it turned out so good, but really really sweet.  It was a Snickerdoodle Cake.  Try it if you dare but I suggest you share with friends because it is in no way low fat!IMG_1283

The crew made it just in time to grab a noise maker and hide in the corner before Monica and John pulled up.



What a good lookin group!  We love these guys and always enjoy spending time with them.  Thanks to all of you for helping pull off a wonderful birthday surprise for Monica!


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